After the Rise and Fall of Teenager

After the Rise and Fall of Teenager is a five act performance for 6 performers based on the internal journey of this teenager named "Elmer." Elmer, as a container, transforms and is transformed through the use of stage props, set change, sound, lighting, self-appropriated teenage poetry, and puppetry. The performative ensemble included myself, Nathan Bockelman, drums: Dan Bruinooge, vocalists: Micaela Tobin, Sharon Kim, Ryan Michael, and also features contributions from Nathan Bockelman on choreography as well as set and prop design, Rebecca Lieb and Katie Rosenthal with costume design, and Kelly Akashi for making candles for the Varsity Death Angel Procession

Text is a self-appropriated teenage poem from my high school  journal, edited and augmented to the choreography of the performance.

Original performance trailer with computer image of artist's teenage self.