Head Theater

Head Theater is a sculpture, inside of which is a miniature set that is designed to look like a wood floored gallery space. It is outfitted with miniature spot lights, built in speakers, and multiple mechanisms that operate by performer propelled, wooden automata.  The artist waits in the outer exhibition space for an audience.  When someone enters the room with the sculpture, they are greeted. If they inquire about the box they are told, "On the inside of this box, there is a miniature set upon which I can perform a 17 minute musical titled, Two Years Since Last Tuesday, that was composed for your head as the audience". They are shown a hole in the bottom of the sculpture, and if interested, are gently guided up into the box, with a chair underneath them for comfort during the viewing. the chair is dependent on what the institution has available. Once the participant has their head up inside of the sculpture, the artist begins to orchestrate the choreography around the box, utilizing the mechanisms in conjunction with the prerecorded music of the piece. The piece is often accompanied by Scene Object No. 0: Wig: from Two Years Since Last Tuesday; 

Scene Object No. 0: Wig: from Two Years Since Last Tuesday
Medium: Artist's Hair, Wig Lace, Wig, Fasteners, Wig Block

Scenes from Two Years Since Last Tuesday. Each image features the prominent prop/intervention from different scenes on the miniature set inside of the Head Theater. Featured: (top left) Ghost Hand (glove) coming in from the top of the box during the scene Phantom Limb; (top right) Miniature version of Wig sculpture, that rotates on the wall during the scene of the same title; (bottom left) is the Floor Piece intervention during the scene Explosion!; (bottom right) the triangle at the corner of the box appears to be a frosted light, but actually it is a hole in the box, never to be disturbed by form or shadow until the scene titled Corner Light, where the performer addresses the audience member with their nose, their finger, and then their eye.